Come Hang With Us!

Monday nights | 7pm

Welcome to Thrive Kitsap! We're coffee snobs, engineers, hard hats, philosophers, navy babies, musicians, & students. And we're crazy about Jesus! On Monday nights, you'll find more than 20 churches represented from Bainbridge to Bremerton (and beyond!) - with young adults fresh out of high school to starstruck newlyweds.


Here's what goes down:

Community | It's a friendly group - we promise! Introduce yourself, scope out our resources, & jump in a conversation! You'll be connected in no time.

Worship | Different musicians every week: new styles, experiences, and instruments. We'll sing 3 or 4 songs and then pray together.

Learn Something | At Thrive, the message is never the same. We invite guest speakers from different ages, backgrounds, genders & ethnicities to offer a fresh perspective on the Gospel every week.

Talk it Up | Break for discussion groups and digest what you learned. Challenge each other, ask hard questions, seek advice, & encourage your friends.

Grab Some Food! | Thrive officially ends at 9:15, but if you've still got energy, break for Applebees and keep the conversation going!


Find us at Coram Deo!

Coram Deo Church | 5951 WA-303, Bremerton, WA